Gregory Varano

Gregory Varano 2016 Artist Statement and Bio

“I see my world monochromatically. The way light falls on a scene or subject is magical to me, exposing tones and textures that set up the mood or feel of a photograph. I can see all elements of the image come together so vividly in my imagination to the point of feeling it with the tips of my fingers. My heart quickens at what my mind sees. I press the shutter; in a fraction of a second the moment is captured. I photograph what I find interesting and stimulates my curiosity. Subjects and scenes that usually go unnoticed by most. I truly believe that a photograph tells a story without words and reignites feelings and emotions we all share in our daily lives.”

Gregory Varano was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He studied Photojournalism as an introductory course in 1983 at the Etobicoke School of The Arts, Toronto, and Ontario. In the years 1984-85, Varano continued his photographic studies majoring in the “Creative Photography Program” at Humber College of Applied Arts, Toronto, Ontario. Varano has been working as a professional photographer since 1987, primarily as a product and fashion photographer. In 2000, Varano shifted his direction towards Social Documentary/Photojournalism and Fine Art. Varano’s work has been published in Canada, United States, Italy and Germany. Varano has also exhibited in galleries and museums in Canada, United States and Europe. His work has been added to many private collections. Varano has won many awards in Canada and internationally. In 2015 Varano relocated from Toronto, Ontario to Sooke, BC. In 2016 Varano was the recipient of the Ackland/Weschler Fine Art Award (Best in Photography) in the 2nd annual “Art Victoria Now” juried exhibition hosted by the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria (CACGV). Varano was also the 2016 recipient of the District Of Sooke Award in the 30th annual Sooke Fine Arts show, Vancouver Island’s premiere juried art exhibition, hosted by the Sooke Fine Arts Society (SFAS). Varano has been a member of Gallery 7, A Gallery of Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario (2000–2004) and Gallery 44/Centre For Photography (2004–2008). Varano currently is a member of the Crossgrain Photographic Studio Part of the Xchanges Gallery in Victoria, BC.


BC Rockies, 2015.

BC Rockies, 2015
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In Memory, New York City, 2015.

In Memory, New York City, 2015
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Manhattan NY, 2015.

Manhattan NY, 2015
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Reflection, Florence Italy, 2001.

Reflection, Florence Italy, 2001
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Storm Cloud, Victoria BC Inner Harbour, 2016.

Storm Cloud, Victoria BC Inner Harbour, 2016
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The Shoe Tree, Claremont Ontario, 2014.

The Shoe Tree, Claremont Ontario, 2014
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Unconditional Love Returned, 2015.

Unconditional Love Returned, 2015
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