Xchanges Officers for 2019–2020

President: Heidi Bergstrom
Treasurer: Jillan Valpy
Directors at Large:
Secretary: Gillian Redwood
Gallery Coördinator: Claire Burgoyne
Temporary Assistant: Cindy Wright
Studio Coördinator: Claire Burgoyne
Life Drawing Coördinator: Gillian Redwood
Past President: Richard Motchman
Director at Large: Kathi Thompson
Publicity: gallerycoordinator@gmail.com
Facebook Events: Heidi Bergstrom
Facebook Posts: Karen Gillmore
Newsletter: Rachel Hellner
Online Calendars: Mark Schmiedl
Print Media: Claire Burgoyne
Webmaster: Ron Gillmore

Many of Victoria’s artists in the past 52 years have been involved with Xchanges. Some have had their first solo exhibition here; others have given classes, been active members, and had studios in one of the 4 locations which we have inhabited over the years. Xchanges is currently home to a gallery exhibition space and studios rented to member artists, including the darkroom of Crossgrain Photographic Society. Life Drawing, Portrait, and Sculpture sessions in the main gallery attract an average of 30 or more outside artists per month.

Over the years, Xchanges has hosted events such as poetry readings, concerts, jam sessions, filmmakers’ nights, film festivals, theatre performances, the Mayday Erotica festival, art workshops for both adults and children, and multicultural events such as a monthly Tango Night, exhibitions by the local Native womens’ group, Wild Women, and exchange exhibitions produced by Ground Zero Printmakers exhibiting works from South Africa, New Zealand, and Quebec. Our non-commercial gallery features work by local emerging and established artists.

Xchanges’ ties to other community arts organizations, through events, membership and the activities of its studio and associate members, continue to make us an integral and vibrant part of the fabric of the Victoria arts community.